“Checo” Pérez was unfaithful to his wife Carola Martínez?

The relationship between Sergio “Checo” Pérez and his wife Carola Martínez seemed to be one of the strongest in the sports world, but now the magazine TVNotas said that he was unfaithful and their marriage would be at risk.

Although the alleged fact is not confirmed, the Mexican media explains that this relationship “Hang on a wire” after photos of the Formula One driver with a Ukrainian model named Khrystyna were leaked. Apparently both were in a compromising situation and this affected the mother of Sergio’s children.

A friend of Pérez spoke with TVNotas and confirmed the crisis, assuring that “Personally, things are far from good” for the athlete. However, he claimed that the photos that circulated publicly “they don’t represent it” since he “It’s very quiet.”

When the material came to light, Martínez told her husband “that he didn’t want me to set foot in his house” in addition to requesting “that when he finished the races that are missing, he would take his things and leave”according to the words of this person close to the family.

So far, neither Checo nor his wife have spoken about it, although taking into account the magnitude of the scandal they are going through, they will surely wait to make a decision and tell it publicly.