Cheeky video: Désirée Nick wants to go to GNTM with a taunt

Updated on 05/10/2022 at 16:08

  • Désirée Nick has applied with a cheeky video clip for the next season of “Germany’s Next Top Model”.
  • She not only poses for the camera, but also presents her often pointed tongue.
  • Nick teases model mom Heidi Klum: “Well, I think I look better than you.”

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Désirée Nick causes a stir with a video clip. With a wink, she applied for the next “Germany’s Next Top Model” season next year. At the same time, the 65-year-old shoots model mom Heidi Klum with her Instagram video.

Nick poses in a bathing suit and high heels on a balcony. In the clip and in the attached comment, she hands out against Klum. The all-round talent turns to the camera: “Hello Heidi, I wanted to ask you something: May I apply to you for ‘Germany’s Next Top Model 60+’ next year?”

Nick is probably alluding to the current season, in which diversity is a top priority. The up-and-coming models do not necessarily correspond to the beauty ideals that the industry has been used to for years. Body and clothing sizes recede into the background, as does the age of the candidates. “Older models are becoming increasingly popular. Beauty knows no age,” explained Heidi Klum at the start.

Nick shoots at Klum

“Well, I think I look better than you,” Nick then teases Klum in the video – and she continues in the attached comment. “I’ll show you how posing works,” it says, among other things. And: “After 50 everything changes, you still have twelve months.”

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Nick is hinting that Klum will celebrate her 50th birthday on June 1, 2023. The model should prepare for this and, according to Nick, stay away from cosmetic surgery. In addition, the 65-year-old asks again: “Am I part of #GNTM23? This is an application video!”

Apparently Nick’s followers would celebrate if she actually participated. “Oh yes,” commented reality star Sam Dylan. His colleague Christin Okpara adds: “Let’s hope that you’ll be there.” Singer, jungle queen and “Celebrity Big Brother” winner Melanie Müller also leaves a fire emoji in the comments.
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