Cheyenne Ochsenknecht: That was the reason for her breast surgery

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for Cheyenne Ochsenknecht (21) and her long-term partner Nino. In a question and answer session on Instagram, the model revealed that the two still want to say yes “this summer”. The two got engaged in January, like Ochsenknecht back then on Instagram made public: “I said YES ten times,” she wrote to a video showing the sparkling engagement ring.

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“Mavie Definitely Needs Siblings”

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht also answered in the question and answer session how it continue with family planning. Their daughter Mavie was born in March 2021. Now the couple plans to “get pregnant again soon”.

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht at Berlin Fashion Week 2020.

Before and after comparison: This is how Cheyenne Ochsenknecht looks without sprayed …


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And: “We think that as an only child on a farm, it can quickly become boring and that’s why Mavie definitely needs siblings.” The model lives with partner Nino and daughter Mavie on a farm in Styria, Austria. There they operate mainly a cattle breeding.

Bigger breasts for more self-confidence

Cheyenne Ochsenknecht also revealed that she underwent breast surgery “almost two weeks ago”. “I felt great after the operation and now too.” She shared a photo that she apparently shows in the hospital. “That was three hours post-op high on painkillers.”

Reason for OP: Cheyenne Ochsenknecht was ashamed of small breasts

The 21-year-old also explains the reason for the surgery at the Beauty Doc: “I did it to finally feel more self-confident. Finally go swimming without being ashamed of not having a bust size. And finally no more mental stress to have.”

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