Child with cancer fulfills the dream of becoming a famous youtuber and gets 6.6 million subscribers

April 12, 2021, 5:45 PM

April 12, 2021, 5:45 PM

Gammers from all over the world joined forces and proved that their powers have no limits. Three weeks ago, they called to fulfill the dream of a Chilean boy who wanted to become a famous youtuber, and so far, they managed to Thomas, 11 years oldI went from having 25 subscribers to 6.6 million.

Celebrities from the video platform, such as the Spanish AuronPlay, with 27.6 million subscribers, and the Rubius, with 39.8, they commented on Tomás in their transmissions, inviting them to follow him.

The reaction was immediate, now Tomás has 23 videos in your account and the most viewed records 15 million views.

Owner of a special and spontaneous humor and without traces of shyness, the little one talks about his everyday lifeof cartoons and video games. He also made a unboxing a keyboard for one hand.

Media from all over the world report that Tomás suffers from brain Cancer, subject that the minor has not yet addressed, although he did tell on several occasions that he has no mobility in his left arm (he named this member Charly), who was admitted to the hospital and receives daily medication.

SI’m a child, don’t judge me. I will go up vvideo games and things like Hello, I’m Germán, when I learn… Good night, good morning, good afternoon, where in the world are you? Write me in the comments… when he knows how to activate them, “he greets in one of his videos.

The little boy also revealed that he is a fan of the game Minecraft, from the cartoons Clarence, Scandalous and Adventure Time, who spends his time playing with his dog Armando and the cat Hamburguesa and who sleeps with stuffed animals.