Children are said to want “nothing to do with him”.

His two sons Maddox (fourth from left) and Pax (left) are said to no longer want to see their father Brad Pitt.

His two sons Maddox (fourth from left) and Pax (left) are said to no longer want to see their father Brad Pitt. Image: Getty Images North America / Alberto E Rodriguez

The eternal drama about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their six children never ends. The two actors have been fighting over custody for almost six years, and two of the children have already come of age during this time. But according to insiders, these two should no longer want to have contact with their father, while one of the daughters should blame their mother.

Different insider testimonies: Mother the monster?

The situation still seems tense, various insiders keep reporting how the six children should stand by their parents. This is reported, among other things, by the “picture” that an insider is said to have said that the 17-year-old Zahara “100 Percent Team Angie” and “no longer have a good connection with Brad”. The statements about 15-year-old Shiloh go in a similar direction.

A source close to the family is said to have said that Shiloh should not call her father back or answer his texts. The reason for this is “pressure from Angie, who is afraid Shiloh, who is so like her father, might side with Brad”.

Probably no contact with Pax and Maddox

The insiders also explain that the two oldest children, 18-year-old Pax and 20-year-old Maddox, are on their mother’s side. “Fact is, he hasn’t seen Maddox or Pax at all. They really don’t want anything to do with him.”, said an insider. The alleged confidant of the family supports this statement, but justifies it with the fact that the brothers don’t want to hurt their mother would.

Brad Pitt’s fear

Another insider told the “Us Weekly“that Brad Pitt fears that Angelina Jolie is deliberately waiting until the children grow up. He is said to suggest she hopes his children “don’t want anything to do with him” once they’re of legal age.

This statement at least supports the assumption that his two adult sons are currently not looking for contact with him. How his daughters Shiloh and Zahara really are and what connection his twins Vivienne and Knox have to him remains uncertain.