Children of celebrities who defy gender roles and they support them: they let them wear dresses, have long hair, etc | Famous

In general, parents want their children to grow up happy, healthy, safe and in an environment of well-being. Likewise, many want them to be free and to be able to function away from the gender roles that prevail in society.

That is, they give them the freedom to dress and wear what they want without fear of criticism or prejudice about how a girl or boy is supposed to look.

Unfortunately, despite efforts to create a safe and free environment for their little ones, their children become targets of criticism. However, when this happens, they come to your defense.

Zuria Vega and her husband Alberto Guerra are the parents of two children: Lúa, who celebrated her 5th birthday at a magical unicorn party in January 2022, and Luka, born on May 20, 2019.

“We care about educating our children without fear of being vulnerable, with access to emotions and feelings,” explained the actress for the magazine ‘Cosmopolitan’.

Faced with the criticism that has arisen for allowing Luka to wear clothes that are often related to girlish looks, Zuria Vega stated the following:

“If my son wanted to wear his sister’s princess dresses, then he does and that’s fine. In my family, a two-year-old is not going to be judged for wearing a dress, which, in any other home, can be a sad reality.”

In February 2021, Diego, son of Marcus Ornellas and Ariadne Díaz, showed his taste for putting on a quality show that included costumes of the actress’s skirt and heels.

This caused a series of conflicting opinions among the followers of the actors. Given this, the protagonist of Si Nos Dejan expressed for ‘Ventaneando’ that all these criticisms only show the malice of adults.

“I think that the problem, the evil, the malice is in the adults when interpreting that type of attitude… It would never bother me to see him putting on his mother’s clothes.”

He took the opportunity to express that it bothered him a lot to receive criticism about people who rejected Diego’s long hair and sent a message about it.

“It bothered me a lot that they have such a limited mind in believing that long hair is for girls, short hair is for men. And pants are worn by a boy and a skirt is worn by a girl. It is very limited that we think like that. It is delicate that we plant that kind of thing in future generations.”

Marcelo, the son of Michelle Renaud, has also worn his long hair, which also caused the actress to receive many messages on the subject.

From those who told him that Marcelo would look better with short hair, as according to them a child should wear it, to others who even demanded that he cut it.

These opinions led Michelle to come out in defense of her son on her social networks.

“Let’s have a better world where we leave the other being and we keep our opinions and judgments to ourselves. Hair, tattoos, body, clothes, etc., do not define who we are. Let’s get over that desire to opine others.”

Romina, Niurka’s only daughter, has been the target of much criticism, including some who judge her for looking feminine enough.

This caused the vedette, recognized for being super transparent and saying things as she thinks, to come out in defense of her daughter and explain that there is nothing wrong with wanting to dress more freely.

During her marriage to ex-husband Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox became the mother of two boys and a girl: Noah, Bodhi and Journey, whom she has raised free from gender stereotypes.

For example, when Noah was younger, Fox had no problem with him wearing a dress.

The Transformers actress also made it clear that her children are free to dress as they wish, calling those who criticize children for it “mean, horrible and cruel people”, according to an interview for ‘InStyle’.