Children of Elizabeth Álvarez and Jorge Salinas, Máxima and León, do not know that they are actors: they believe that she is a chef and he studies | Famous

Your Elizabeth’s temporary retirement from television sets probably helped her children never imagine that she is an actress.

However, they also do not know that their father Jorge Salinas, who has continued adding participations in soap operas in recent years, is also an actor.

“My children do not know that I am an actress, nor that my husband is an actor,” she revealed to the program “Sale el sol” on December 29, 2022.

Children of Elizabeth Álvarez and Jorge Salinas are unaware that their parents are actors

“They know that their mom makes content. He is a chef, he cooks. He has his YouTube channel. In other words, they know that I work for companies and I do things, but they do not specifically know what I do, ”she explained.

This notion that they have about their work is probably due to the fact that they see their mother in the kitchen or recording content for their YouTube channel and social networks.

In the case of their father, Máxima and León normally see him reading and studying scripts. However, for them, these times of reading and studying have nothing to do with him being an actor.

“As they see him all the time studying, reading. They say ‘My dad studies a lot’. And I tell them ‘Yes, your dad prepares a lot. He is a very intelligent man”.

In March 2022, in a meeting with the media during the presentation of the telenovela La Herencia, Álvarez confessed that his little ones remain oblivious to the small screen.

“My children are very young, obviously they can’t watch television and neither can they watch soap operas,” she revealed.

In this interview, Elizabeth also explained that for them she is their mother and that is what they see in their day to day.

“My children don’t see me on television, my children see me at home, in the park, doing mommy’s things like all moms. That is what my children see of me: that I am their mother, that I take care of them, that I educate them, that I protect them, that I guide them, that I play with them, that I have fun, that we go to the park.”

Tell us, what do you think about Elizabeth and Jorge’s decision not to tell their children that they are actors yet?