Children of Jenni Rivera remember her with messages and photos

This July 2 Jenni Rivera She would be turning 53 years old, but due to a plane crash she suffered in 2012, the famous woman lost her life and left her children, family members and fans in immense pain.

The memory of Jenni Rivera is still latent in the memory of her sons, family, friends and fans who remembered her on this special day, since it is impossible for La Mariposa de Barrio to forget. Her songs have been resounding successes that continue to place her among the most listened to artists.

His children to celebrate his birthday decided to share some unpublished images who are crossing borders, because they had never before given those memories they had with their mother, which turn out to be unforgettable and painful.

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Chiquis Rivera was one of the first who set out to remember La Diva de la Banda with a photograph in which they both appear smiling, it is noted that the relationship between mother and daughter was fabulous, until one day the distrust of Jenni Rivera ended that Union which left Chiquis with unbearable pain.

Jenni Rivera’s children remember her with messages and photos. Photo: Instagram

The beautiful singer has said in several interviews that the relationship was not good before the tragedy that took her life, since she was accused of being the third in discord between Jenni and Esteban Loaiza.

Secondly, Jacque Rivera He also published a postcard with all his followers to remember the queen of success ‘La gran senora’. In the image, a happy Jenni is appreciated and enjoying her life, hence she unleashed the inspiration of all her followers, who in seconds sent her messages of unconditional support.

Jenni Rivera’s children remember her with messages and photos. Photo: Instagram

Jenni Rivera was one of the exponents of the band most loved by the public, in a short time she managed to take over hearts and impose herself with her songs, since they are among the most sung, for which she became one of the best performers of Mexican music. creating a stir with his style peculiar.

Jennifer Rivera For her part, she did not let this moment pass and remembered her mother as she deserves, and that is that all her children are still hurt by the departure of the young singer who left an important legacy in regional Mexican music.

Jenni Rivera’s children remember her with messages and photos. Photo: Instagram

To date, no one has come out who overshadows her talent, so the young curvy model is proud of the person who gave her life, since the singer did everything to give them the best and leave them a guaranteed future.

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Your son Johnny Lopezthe youngest of the Rivera also shared a very special moment, because he was still a little boy when he accompanied his mother to a red carpet, in the image he dazzles with that smile that connected with all his followers, who still remember him with affection as if it were the first day.

Jenni Rivera’s children remember her with messages and photos. Photo: Instagram

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