Children of Jorge Oñate and extramarital descendants litigate for their inheritance

And it is that, according to what they told El Heraldo, the ‘Goldfinch of America’ “He left everything organized so that each one would be given what corresponds to him “.

It was with his death, on February 28 of last year, from complications stemming from COVID-19, that things finally broke down:

“Acting in good faith, and thinking of the good faith of the people who have said assets in their possession, he registered all his children and the relationship was good until he died,” they told that medium.

“It was just sitting down and dividing, but it was not possible,” they continued, lamenting that “they tried to reconcile and could not, the whole relationship deteriorated and in the end the answer was not to give us anything”.

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Jorge Luis Oñate García, fifth of the heirs, told the newspaper that there had already been meetings to try to make an equitable division as determined by law, but the family’s offer would not have been satisfactory:

“Jorge Daniel offered us 116 million pesos each and told us that in addition to that there were Sayco’s royalties, and that we were well served.”

After this, the 5 extramarital children and Jorge Oñate’s family dispute the millionaire he left by legal means: “The truth is that It seemed ridiculous to us and that is why we instituted the lawsuit; because we expect to be given what corresponds to us by law”.

Regarding the royalties from his music, the newspaper details that for 80 years 50% corresponds to the wife and the other 50% to the childrenbut according to the plaintiffs’ spokesman, “this was not recognized by his brothers either.”

“He was very responsible with everyone, he registered us and filled us with love, he publicly made us known,” said Oñate García, quoted by El Heraldo.