Children’s praise for her cooking spurs Charlize Theron on

Hollywood star Charlize Theron loves getting compliments from her daughters on her cooking skills. “When my kids say, ‘Mom, nobody makes pasta better than you,’ nothing comes close,” the 47-year-old told Harper’s Bazaar magazine. On the other hand, being asked about one of their films by the two girls, seven and ten years old, means nothing to her.

“I still have a grudge against a woman in our circle who makes French toast that my kid raves about,” she said. Her declared opponent gave her the recipe, but whenever she prepares the dish herself, her daughter tells her that the other one does it better. It upsets her, Theron said. “Things like that drive me a lot more.”

When she’s not making films, Theron is always in front of the camera for perfume advertisements – specifically for Dior. For the new “J’Adore” campaign, the 47-year-old appears youthfully fresh and with the famous Dior gold chain around her neck. In a statement, the actress revealed that she personally associates the scent of perfume with “nostalgia”. For She believes that wearing perfume is “the smallest luxury you can give yourself that can have a huge effect on others”.