Chimène Badi broke up with her companion after 8 years of love: “It’s over”

Chimène Badi revealed to Closer that she was now … a heart to take! After eight years of relationship, the 40-year-old singer separated from her companion, whom she had nevertheless presented on television almost a year earlier…

It’s the end of an era for Chimene Badi. The 40-year-old singer announced to Closer that she had separated from her companion, Julien, who had shared her life for eight years. “It’s a very beautiful story that filled me and made me grow… It’s finish. I no longer look in the gaze of the other for a way to be reassured, to have confidence in myself. To give, to the public, to my loved ones, I learned to feel free, to love who I am“, she confided.

Chimène Badi had presented her lover on TV

Her ex-husband was a physical education teacher at a private institute whom the singer had met through a mutual friend. A year earlier, this one had made an appearance on televisionin the show The Secret Boxto dedicate the song to him I love him to death at the side of the father of his sweet. A moment full of emotions.

But if Chimène Badi is no longer in a relationship, she is not to be picked up with a spoon, far from it. The interpreter of Between us has the feeling of finally being well in his skin and free in his head. “I have long prevented myself from existing for fear of saying no, of hurting, of disappointing“, she began by explaining to Closer.

Chimène Badi, single and “relieved”

And to detail:From the sign of Scorpio, I have always had a propensity to denigrate myself, to damage myself. Physically, I had been self-sabotaging since adolescence. Victim of school bullying, then of violent judgments after reality TV, I wondered about my legitimacy“. Eventually, music was her lifeline. It was in her art that she found refuge.”Music repairs, relieves, soothes. With age, I assume myself, I take care of myself. Obviously, I’m not perfect, I have complexes, flaws, but I no longer brood over the past. I am aware of being in my place (…) I take advantage of my luck, trace my path, positive, solar, full of hope“, she rejoiced.

Chimène Badi: marriage and children, very little for her!

The former lovebirds had never wished get over the wedding. “We are not married because we don’t really care about marriageit does not make us dream at all“, she confided to Gala in 2020. And the singer also did not feel a desire for motherhood. “Not out of a feeling of incapacity, rather out of a sense of responsibility. My maternal instinct means that I take great care of my nephews and would move mountains for them. But I’m just starting to feel solid. Too anxious, I would not have known how to give arms to a child, teach him to become independent and carefree“, she recently detailed with Closer. Today, single and accomplished, the singer has never been so fulfilled!