China Suárez raised the temperature in a bathing suit

China Suarez She is active on her social networks, so she has been interacting a little more with her followers. A few days ago she asked her through her Instagram stories to ask her some questions. Among them, a follower of hers asked her to show her “engagement ring”. With a picture of her covering her head, the actress responded, “I’m not engaged, hehe.”

The China He has also been shown together with his daughters Rufina and Magnolia, and a friend of theirs, dancing to the TikTok trend of Tini Stoessel and the Argentine singer known as Joaqui ‘Muñeca’. The clip was titled “The Girls.” “Rufi is the same as you, when you were in Rincón de luz” and “magnolia for God’s sake !!!! the angels themselves made it !!” were some of the messages she received.