Chiquinquirá Delgado says that Jorge Ramos is not “tough” as he looks | Famous

Jorge Ramos and Chiquinquira Delgado They have had a relationship since 2011, which they have managed to strengthen despite the complicated work schedule of the Mexican journalist. However, both understand the type of profession they have and discovered how to have a balance between their professional activities and their personal life, since they not only take time to be with their partner, but also for their role as parents.

Chiquinquirá Delgado says that Jorge Ramos is not as “tough” as he seems

Jorge Ramos is one of the most recognized Hispanic journalists in the United States, in the Univision news and his interviews he shows himself to be a serious guy. However, Chiqui revealed that at home he is a completely different man.

“Although it may not seem like it and we see him very hard in the interviews, in the familiar and intimate environment it is totally different“, Said the Venezuelan in an interview with People in Spanish.

In addition, he confessed that Ramos is very detailed: “Always He is very aware of special datesbecause she knows that if she doesn’t get scolded,” the presenter said with a laugh. “She has learned with the time we have together to read me and know that I am a woman of details, I love being surprised and that special dates are celebrated “, added to the magazine.

What Jorge sees in Chiquinquirá

The journalist travels constantly and stays busy with his multiple journalistic projects in different media and platforms. For which he feels grateful to have a partner who understands his complicated life.

“She is my life partner, not only because of the great family we have in every way, but because we talk about everything and understand each other well. […] I have found someone who knows me more than anyone“.


Chiquinquirá and Jorge in their role as parents

The couple has no children together, but in their previous relationships each had two. Jorge has Paola and Nicolás, 34 and 23 years old respectively, while Chiqui is the mother of Marielena and Carlota, 29 and 11.

Despite their responsibilities, the couple takes time to be alone, as it is like a “rule” between them.

“Roles like dad and mom really absorb us a lot of time, but always we steal two or three days and run away somewhere to really try to disconnect and talk, catch up, really rest,” said the Venezuelan.

Chiquinquirá confesses that one of the things he admires about Jorge is his facet as a family man, because he is always on the lookout and gets involved with what happens to each of the members.

“As a life partner, he is a person who cares about everyone, he is the great caretaker of this family and is always aware of what each one is living. She cares, talks, advises, calls, is present and that is greatly appreciated “.

“Jorge’s relationship with my daughters is wonderful. My eldest daughter sees him as a friend, as an accomplice, and Carlota has a very close, very intimate relationship with him and that moves me and as a mother it also gives me a lot of peace of mind. […] although he don’t be your biological dad They have that closeness and that kind of relationship,” he told the magazine.

For his part, Jorge Ramos also enjoys living with his partner’s daughters, since he has seen them grow up: “It’s a wonderful relationship, we have adopted each other […] It is a family of six all the time, with all the joys that this implies and with all the negotiations that this requires,” he confessed to People en Español.