Chiquis is still married and Lorenzo Méndez lost his rights

The torrid romance that the famous lived band singer couple It does not end and although they have already been separated for several months, the divorce decree has not come out to favor any of them.

A few weeks ago it came to light that Lorenzo Méndez had lost all rights because He did not show up for a court date, so Chiquis Rivera now has the divorce baton.

However, the American family authorities have not been able to finalize this issue, since the celebrities have not appeared in accordance with the provisions of the law, so the couple will have a new date in eight weeks.

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Chiquis’s lawyer assures that it will be the last and on that next date the written relationship that exists between Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez.

It is worth mentioning that the famous woman’s lawyer shared in an interview for the media that the singer intends to rebuild her life and continue with her business, so she wants all this to end in her favor. Surely Lorenzo Méndez also hopes to end this relationship that still unites them.

Let us remember that at the time Chiquis Rivera issued a restraining order so that Lorenzo Méndez would not bother her, he could only send her emails.

Undoubtedly the love that existed between this pair of celebrities ended in a estrangement that put them in the eye of the hurricane, since it is said that there was infidelity on the part of both, but the real reasons why they started the divorce process are still unknown.

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Although Jenni Rivera’s daughter gave details in her book ‘Invincible’, she did not argue the specific reasons that led her to end all relationship with Lorenzo Méndez, she only wrote that the former vocalist of La Original Banda el Limón suffered from addictions and that in some cases presented violent acts.

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