Chiquis Rivera defends her sister Jenicka after revealing the secret of her origin

Recently, Chiquis Rivera captured everyone’s attention on social networks by defending her sister Jenicka López tooth and nail, who decided to reveal the secret of its origin through her podcast, where she confessed that she was not the daughter of Juan López and was actually of Puerto Rican origin.

As expected, the eldest daughter of the “Diva de la Banda” did not take long to speak on the subject and through a live broadcast she took the opportunity to advocate for her mother, Jenni Riverabecause he ended up taking the name of the biological father of his youngest daughter.

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According to Chiquis Rivera, she is sure that the interpreter of ‘La gran señora’ was willing to tell the truth to his younger sister when the time was right, however, he did not have the opportunity to confess the secret of his origin due to the tragic accident he suffered 10 years ago.

“As his daughter and his right hand for many years. My mother was going to tell the truth. I know her and I speak as her daughter and I know that my mom wanted to tell Jenicka the truth. Except that it was not the indicated time. When my mom died, she (Jenicka) was only 15 years old, she wasn’t emotionally ready,” she said.

Without mincing words, the exponent of regional Mexican music did not hesitate to support the decision her mother made at that time and assured that she must have had her own reasons for hiding the true origin of the 25-year-old girl, who went through very difficult moments during her childhood that marked her deeply.

“Yes, my mom is not here to defend herself, but for that you don’t need to defend yourself. And I’m here to support my sister because that’s what my mom would have expected. Many people do not know what Jenicka has gone through, I have lived through it with her and it affected her a lot and we don’t judge my mom because only she knows what was happening in her life at that time,” she said.

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Likewise, Chiquis clarified that her sister Jenicka already knew what she was up to after revealing the secret about her biological father, however, she explained that her sister wanted to make it known in order to heal internally and try to help other people who were find themselves going through the same thing.

“We knew that there were going to be people who were going to say negative things. Because at the end of the day Jenicka is helping many people I have seen the comments. For a year and a half Jenicka suffered from depression, anxiety, many things, ”she clarified.

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