Chiquis Rivera goes naughty with a chikini well inside

Taking young girls off the street, Chiquis Rivera shows that he still has everyone at his feet by overflowing curvy and this time he goes naughty with the thong insideshowing why it continues to be one of the favorites on social networks.

The famous band singer has been enjoying her relationship with the celebrity photographer, Emilio Sánchez, to the fullest, after having left Lorenzo Méndez behind, for which she caused a stir by bringing to light some images where she shows how she has him very happy .

Through his official Instagram account, Chiquis Rivera shared with her ardent admirers a postcard in which she goes naughty and curvy overflows with her panties well inside, while performing a series of movements where she ends up smearing her chikini on her boyfriend Emilio’s face.

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And it is that the couple was enjoying the weather on a luxurious yacht surrounded by a very blue sea, while relaxing under the sun’s rays, it occurred to Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter to do a kind of little dance where she squats down wearing that intrepid black swimsuit, grabs the eyes from one second to another.

So that Chiquis she was placed in a daring pose on her back while riding on a corner of the yacht and her boyfriend Emilio was sitting below, so when she bent down she ended up smearing her chikini on the photographer’s face, she went naughty and it was a moment that they both undoubtedly enjoyed.

This is how the businesswoman overwhelms the curvy, taking the applause while her thong was well visible when she put it on the face of her gallant, demonstrating how she has him well in love.

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