Chiquis Rivera shares her secret to lift her buttocks

Recently the singer left everyone with their mouths open when she took the stage with a onesie full of perforations that leaves very little to the imagination showing her attributes.

Chiquis Rivera is one of the artists who does not keep secrets from her fans, being one of the most acclaimed Instagram celebrities for her spectacular figure, the singer does not hesitate to share her best secrets to keep her figure with her fans.

Through her Instagram account, the singer-songwriter shared a series of videos in which she was almost naked and explained the new procedure she was undergoing with nothing more and nothing less than wine.

Rivera pointed out that she was in a clinic to undergo a firming and reductive massage treatment, but this time the artist pointed out that she had opted for a new routine using ice and wine to “raise the buttocks”.


This process provides immediate results, according to the artist, because the ice has a tightening and rejuvenating effect on the body, while the wine, due to its components, is full of antioxidants that improve the appearance of the skin.

The interpreter of “Queen Bee”, “Dance like this” and “You are going to return” explained that she was very satisfied with this type of treatment that manages to reduce fat in certain areas and redirect it to other points such as the buttocks.

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Chiquis Rivera recently captured everyone’s attention when she went on stage wearing a tight onesie full of holes that revealed her cinnamon skin, this detail captivated her followers in her most recent presentation.

And it is that Chiquis has shown her performance by leaps and bounds since the change in her physical appearance followed by her musical career, which has been little driven by her last name.