Chiquis Rivera showed how she made the cover of her new album ‘Abeja Reina’: it ended with a little accident | Famous

Chiquis Rivera has shone as a singer on her own for more than 5 years, she recently released her new material entitled ‘Abeja Reina’, which she has happily promoted on social networks.

Being a very active person on social media, Chiquis had already given indications that she was working on new music and proudly released ‘Abeja Reina’ on May 12.

Its cover shows the 36-year-old woman with a high hairstyle, a crown full of crystals that adorns her hair, in addition to jewelry and makeup in gold tones.

To continue the theme of bees, Chiquis also decided to place natural honey on her skin to give it an even more special touch.

Said product can be seen spread on her hands, shoulders and face and, although the result was more than flattering, the artist showed behind the scenes to achieve the perfect shot.

On May 3, Chiquis shared on her official Instagram account what would be the cover of her album and said image received more than 46 thousand likes and many congratulatory comments from her followers.

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During the following days, the interpreter of ‘El Honor’ made several live videos to give more details of the album and show what it would look like in physical form; as well as giving a little glimpse of her latest music video which bears the same name as her album.

The day she launched ‘Abeja Reina’, the also businesswoman shared a clip where you can see everything that had to happen to create her cover.

The material shows the studio where this photographic work was carried out and the way in which the staff helped him put the honey on his body.

Chiquis Rivera maintained her professionalism despite the discomfort of the honey slipping on her body and, in fact, she suffered some small accidents, as the liquid got into her eyes.

This caused the session to stop for a few moments, because the makeup had to be checked to make it look perfect.

At one point, the annoyance was so great that the singer could not take it anymore, and expressed that she wanted to go to the shower to remove the product.

For her part, her followers did not hesitate to express their impression of the laborious task of creating her cover and congratulated her.

“It seems super uncomfortable, that is professionalism”, “I can’t imagine what that experience of having honey even on your face must have been like, but as you say it was worth it”, or “It was sure very difficult to pose like that, although it was achieved, that good”, are some of the comments that can be read on Instagram.

Chiquis Rivera began her artistic career in 2014, two years after the tragic death of her mother Jenni Rivera.

Against all odds, the woman born in the United States has managed to be recognized worldwide for her songs.

He has released more than 20 singles and a total of 4 albums counting ‘Abeja Reina’.

In 2020, she won a Latin Grammy Award in the category of ‘Best Band Music Album’ for her ‘Playlists’ material.

Like few artists, Chiquis has managed to shine in the banda genre and apparently still has the desire to continue forging her path as a singer.