Chiquis Rivera takes a risk with a cumbia that makes you enjoy

Surprise regional Mexican music Chiquis Rivera with a song that is causing a stir on digital platforms. ‘The ex‘, is a song to the rhythm of cumbia that put the singer in the eye of the hurricane.

Chiquis She has always proven to be a risky young woman who dares to take on challenges in order to get ahead and position herself as one of the favorites within the most popular artistic and music scene.

This time was no exception and Chiquis left everyone enchanted with this new song that is a cumbia of the good that has everyone enjoying themselves and dancing, the style was well received by everyone.

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Just a few days ago, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter surprised with the premiere of her album ‘Queen bee‘, which is available with 12 songs that will surely impact the Mexican Regional.

She is a young woman who has not taken her finger off the line, despite criticism and comparisons with her mother, she has managed to overcome herself and move forward to succeed within the most popular genre.

This time he gave a complete twist to his style and way of interpreting and caused a stir with this sticky cumbia that made everyone happy. Through YouTube, the song “La ex” already has thousands of views and an extensive list of favorable comments, among which the unconditional support for the musical career of Lorenzo Méndez’s ex-wife stands out.

Let’s remember that Chiquis A few months ago, he supported his brothers in front of everyone regarding the inheritance left by their mother, which was in the hands of Rosie and Juan Rivera, brothers of the deceased Diva de la Banda.

Apparently this issue is already in the past and now it is the children of the Barrio Butterfly who will be managing all the assets that he left them in life.

However, Chiquis is not a participant in that inheritance, since Jenni Rivera He took her out of the will when he began to distrust the young woman, who was said to be the third in discord between her and Esteban Loaiza.

It should be noted that the band exponent He has made his way by his own feet and now with this new record album dedicated to his mother he is making an impact within the most popular genre.

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His new cumbia is now available for everyone to enjoy at the next parties, since it is a song that can be dedicated and can also be danced to, it has a sticky beat which is already loud.

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