Chiquis Rivera’s sister had 4 surgeries in one day

Jecnicka López, the young influencer, shared on social networks how happy she feels after undergoing the scalpel, but admitted that the results are not miraculous.

Four cosmetic surgeries in less than a day! Jecnicka Lopez, The youngest daughter of the legendary Diva de la Banda and little sister of Chiquis Rivera, shared her experience going through the operating room to complete her transformation process.

Under a strict diet to lose 60 pounds, the influencer underwent a process of physical change. Through her social networks, the young woman explained that undergoing multiple operations on April 19 was not a “quick fix”.

Although she is aware that the process was not going to have instant results and that “not all the exercise” in the world was going to tone her skin or eliminate excesses, for now she is satisfied with the direction her body is taking.

The influencer underwent four interventions in just one day: an abdominoplasty, a brachioplasty to obtain smoother arms, a liposuction to eliminate the folds in the back and a Brazilian lifting, which consists of extracting fat from other areas of the body to relocate it in the buttocks.

“I’ve worked really hard to lose as much weight as I could to get to this point,” Jecnicka maintains.

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Fortunately, she did not go through this process alone, her sister Chiquis was with her during the postoperative period, without caring about the commitments she had at the Latin AMAs gala, two days after the influencer was discharged.

The singer was in charge of taking care of her sister’s diet during her diet, administering medications and even helping her every time she needed to go to the bathroom, according to Jecnicka, her sister hired a hairdresser to go home to help her wash her hair and so on. lift your spirits a bit.