Chloé Jouannet complexed teenager: her secrets about her eating disorders

Chloé Jouannet has struggled to accept her appearance like many teenage girls. In the columns of Sheon newsstands this Friday, April 22, the beautiful blonde opened up about her old relationship with her weight and her bulimia.

Comedy is a real family story. Daughter of actors Alexandra Lamy and Thomas Jouannet, Chloé Jouannet did not however aspire to this career plan. For the beautiful blonde, everything happened by chance in 2009 when she was on the set of lucky Luke to accompany his mother. “An hour before shooting, the actress was not there, the director asked: ‘Who can play young Alexandra?’ All eyes on set are on me” she remembered at the microphone of the Parisian. A few months later, the young woman gets her real first role later, with Jean Reno in the feature film, Notice of Mistral.

Numerous projects followed to the one who was able to play alongside her little sister Mado in the second season of Derby Girl. Although she has everything to please, the 24-year-old actress had big complexes that created a complicated relationship with her body during her teenage years.

Chloé Jouannet opens up about her bulimia

Like many teenage girls, Chloé Jouannet also struggled to accept her reflection in the mirror. In addition to adopting a bad habit that earned him a lot of fun, the young woman could not bear her body. “Many young women are complex about their bodies, especially today with social networks (…) I was one of those kind of teenagers who felt bad about themselves at certain times.“, she had already revealed at the microphone of Buzz TV.

During his interview with She, Chloé Jouannet returned to her period of bulimia and this discovery which allowed her to come to terms with her weight. This is the pilates that she adopted two years ago. “Like many women, I tend to yo-yo with the pounds. As a teenager, I had a lot of complexes, my relationship with food was not very healthy: it was all or nothing. I realized that the body is a house and I need to feel at home”, confessed the daughter of Alexandra Lamy. An activity that could help other young women in the same situation as her.