Chloé Mortaud mom: discover the first name of the daughter of the former Miss France

Chloé Mortaud announced to her subscribers the birth of her little girl this Saturday, March 26. She took this opportunity to reveal her first name.

She is fulfilled. In June 2021, Chloé Mortaud said “yes” to the man of her life, Dean David Neiger. On her social networks, the young woman had shared photos of this union and she had taken the opportunity to announce happy news in passing. “A wonderful wedding in June, followed by a dream honeymoon in Italy and now the happiness of expanding our family in 2022!”, she had first written before adding: I think photo 2 announces the state of mind that we all have! Our ‘honeymoon’ baby is coming soon”. She had been congratulated by her subscribers and, throughout her pregnancy, shared photos of her rounded belly, to their delight. However, the former Miss France did not want to reveal too much and had therefore not mentioned the sex or the first name of her future baby. This Saturday, March 26, she came out of silence to express her joy since she welcomed a little girl named Maeva. “March 24, 2022 at 8:09 p.m. Hello Maeva. A long wait for pure happiness!”, she said in the caption of a first photo. “We are delighted that you complete our little family. We will enjoy these first moments… I’ll come back to you later! I kiss you”, concluded the happy mother.

She is transparent. Chloé Mortaud is one of the public figures who choose to reveal their daily lives on social networks. Miss France 2009 first shared her life with the French host Vincent Cerutti before meeting the French racing driver Romain Thiévin. Both had a child, a little boy named Mathis, born in February 2013. They separated in 2018 and it was in December 2019 that Chloé Mortaud announced that she was in a relationship with Dean David Neiger, a Belgian entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. He is the founder of the Sky Organics brand, which offers responsibly produced organic cosmetics and skincare products. Both got engaged in March 2020, they married at the Château de Vallery in June of the following year. The former Miss France was able to count on the presence of Mareva Georges (Miss France 1991), Mareva Galanter (Miss France 1999)Sylvie Tellier (Miss France 2002 and director of the Miss France society)Marine Lorphelin (Miss France 2013), Flora Coquerel (Miss France 2014) or even Iris Mittenaère (Miss France 2016 and Miss Universe 2016). An unforgettable moment for her.

Chloé Mortaud: has she ever mentioned her husband?

Chloé Mortaud is a fulfilled woman and she can count on the support of her husband. “I married my best friend“, she confided in the columns of Gala, a few days after their union. “It’s soft, it calms me: it’s the good one, I’m sure of it“, she continued. However, she assuredin no rush to give my son a little brother or sister just yet“. It seems that the couple finally quickly changed their minds and they are now ready to start a new life.


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