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The outfit of the host of “+ Shows”, Valeria Piazza, did not go unnoticed this Tuesday, as ‘Choca’ Mandros called her “teacher Ximena”, alluding to the character of the children’s series “Carrusel”.

After seeing a note about Anthony Aranda, where he criticized Gino Assereto’s performance in ‘This is war’ and assured that “in a week he was going to send him to a psychologist”, the model said that there was no room for two.

“Ayayayay, how strong. Now who is going to stay? There is no space for both, one leaves”Piazza said.


However, ‘Choca’ Mandros changed the subject and joked about the outfit he decided to wear today. “You are the teacher Ximena, even though you have come as Sarita Colonia”he said between laughs.

To which Valeria replied: “If you don’t know about Choquita fashion, you better not talk. How are they going to tell me, teacher Ximena?

But the joke did not stop there, because “Choca” was also compared to a well-known character. “I have come from Doña Pepa and who can tell me something here. Before you earn it”he pointed.

Laughing, the driver commented that they had already mentioned that nickname long before. “They had already said it over there.”

How was Valeria Piazza dressed today?

The model chose this Tuesday to wear a set of skirt and jacket in pastel lilac colors. She had her straight hair loose with a clear headband decorated with little pearls. In addition, she had a short white blouse to match.

Piazza even shared a story on her Instagram account, where ‘Choca’ -laughing- said that she had come as a “saint”.

Valeria Piazza on her outfit today
Valeria Piazza on her outfit today


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