Chris Hemsworth: In cute “Thor” costumes: his twins are eight

The year 2011 may have been decisive for the career of actor Chris Hemsworth (38), because he got the role of “Thor” in the film adaptation of the Marvel comics. In return, the native Australian shed his surfer boy image and trained so hard that even today he is considered a muscleman par excellence. But according to the motto “hard shell, soft core”, the 38-year-old could not be more in contrast to the steely and mostly cheerful thunder god “Thor”.

At home, Chris Hemsworth is all about his wife Elsa Pataky (45) and their children. Two of the three offspring, more precisely the twin boys Sasha and Tristan, have now celebrated their eighth birthday and to celebrate the day dad Chris posts a throwback photo of the two that couldn’t be cuter!

In the video above, Chris Hemsworth is training hard for his role as wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Chris Hemsworth’s sons in cute Thor costumes

This partner look has it all! Sasha and Tristan proudly hold their little Mjölnirs, which in Germanic mythology are the war hammers of the god Thor, in the air and also compete with dad Chris with the rest of their outfits. As mini Thors, they not only enchant us, but also over three million fans who have pressed the “Like” button.

Incidentally, the highlight of the Instagram post is the funny caption that the 38-year-old father attached to the photo and at the same time makes it clear which costumes are not in his bag: “Happy eighth birthday to my boys! If anyone asks should they be allowed to wear other superhero outfits besides Thor, the answer is no”. Well, Sasha and Tristan can hardly look cooler than in a “Thor” costume, right?