Chris Hemsworth, the images of his dive with sharks

Chris Hemsworth gets wet in a documentary broadcast on May 11 on the National Geographic Wild channel. The 38-year-old Australian actor, who regularly surfs in Byron Bay, went to meet the sharks to learn more about these large predators. “In my life, I have spent a lot of time in the ocean but I have never seen a shark during my surf sessions. Either way, you can really feel their presence. I had shivers several times on the water because I was convinced that something was swimming under my board”, he confided in particular.

In the film, we can observe the star of the Marvel saga going to meet sharks 3.5 meters long at 12 meters deep. “I want to understand what drives these sea creatures,” added the 38-year-old Australian, yet new to diving. Throughout his adventure, he was accompanied by Valérie Taylor, icon of ocean conservation. A pioneer in underwater filmmaking and shark research, her life’s work became the basis for much of what we know about sharks today.

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“Chris Hemsworth to meet the sharks” is a documentary that will be broadcast on the occasion of the “Shark Festival”. Since May 4, the National Geographic Wild channel has somewhat shaken up its program schedule to offer original documentaries on sharks every Wednesday. “For 10 years now, the values ​​of the Shark Festival have consisted in raising public awareness of scientific discoveries in the world of sharks, considered to be the most important predators of the ocean, but also in erasing prejudices about these fascinating predators, in particular thanks to the testimony of scientists and ecological”, can we read in a press release.

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An excerpt from “Chris Hemsworth to meet the sharks”, documentary which will be broadcast on May 11 at 9 p.m. on National Geographic Wild.