Chris Hemsworth trains without a shirt and sets the networks on fire

    While the temperatures drop throughout Spain, the networks begin to burn with the poses of our ‘celebs’, who take the opportunity to show us how toned they are and, in turn, all the exercise they do to stay that way. From Kylie Jenner posing on her vacation in Aspen to Emily Ratajkowski with an infamous neckline, all the ‘celebrities’ show us their best faces on Instagram and TikTok. The last to do so was the actor who gives life to the sexy Thor in the Marvel movie saga. And, of course, how can he not be that strong with the exercise he does? This video will brighten your day!

    The most handsome celebrities in the world of cinema and TV give us numerous publications in which we see how they have achieved this title by their unconditional legions of fans. Thus, not only do we have in mind the Hemsworths (all three), but we would include other actors in our list of ‘crushes’, such as John Krasinski, Andrew Garfield either zac efron. Many of them include in their Instagram accounts, snapshots in which they can be seen training and showing muscle (with the comments tray full of compliments).

    That way, if there is someone whose personal network account is full of videos and photos of their workouts it is Elsa Pataky’s husband, Chris Hemsworth. The actor gives us the keys to stay so well and be able to mark that muscle that represents Thor so much in superhero movies. We have tried, but no one can steal the title of superman (unless you’re Chris Evans). look at his last video in which he trains without a shirt that has left us on the ground.

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    Watching you run shirtless is the best thing that could have happened today!

    You have turned into ‘The Flash’ 😂

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