Chris Hemsworth: “Whenever I play Thor I think Marvel won’t want me back”

Los Angeles, USA

More than a decade after his debut and with a dozen films behind him playing Thor, Chris Hemsworth returns with the most surreal version of Marvel in “Thor: Love and Thunder”, although the actor confesses that every time he plays him he is convinced that they will not call him again.

“Every time they call me to play the character, I am grateful. Whenever I play it, I think it will be the last time and that Marvel will not want me back,” he told Efe before the premiere this Friday of the fourth film about the Viking. most famous of the superhero franchise.

Not even being one of the last avengers to resist on the big screen – after the goodbye of Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow – gives Hemsworth peace of mind, whose film career is closely linked to his signing by the Marvel factory in 2011.

“The first time was intimidating, I didn’t know if I belonged in this universe,” he recalls.

Since then, the Australian actor has been making the character of Thor his own, a vapid Viking with a statuesque physique and linked to Greek mythology, until turning him into a hero whose existential crisis leads him to make wrong decisions and distance himself from the people he loves.

“Thor: Love and Thunder,” the character’s fourth solo film, exploits this emotional meltdown like no previous installment to deliver the most surreal and risk-taking take on Marvel to date.

“We recorded about seven or eight hours of film with a lot of improvisation,” Hemsworth reviews. “But thanks to the ingenuity and mastery of Taika Waititi, a coherent story with a message was later put together.”

After giving a 180-degree turn to the saga with “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017), the filmmaker Taika Waititi reprints his stamp on a continuation that does not take the epic of superheroes very seriously and focuses, humorously, in the search for emotional balance of its protagonist.

In “Thor: Love and Thunder”, the character drags the pain of the sorrows he has suffered in recent missions and embarks on a journey with the Guardians of the Galaxy (Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista and Vin Diesel also appear in the film). ) with unexpected results.


The most unpredictable is Thor’s encounter with his great love, astrophysicist Jane Foster, in full mission and after “8 years, 7 months and 6 days”, as the protagonist recalls.

Not even Natalie Portman herself expected to embody her again when in 2016 she assured that her work in the franchise “had ended”.

For the new movie, Waititi has transformed Foster into Mighty Thor, who appeared in the original comics more than 50 years ago as a female version of Thor who shares his powers and takes his famous hammer for himself.

Thus, Thor’s journey becomes a romantic comedy with eighties winks, full of irony and heavy metal rhythm in which the couple and the rest of the companions must settle their differences while fighting Gorr, a villain known as the Butcher of the Gods. , determined not to leave a living deity in the world.

“Everything Thor does has to do with the experiences and traumas that he’s been through in the past,” says Hemsworth.

Baroque, crazy landscapes and kitsch aesthetics wrap up a film that shows that Thor, under the baton of Waititi and the experience of Hemsworth, is one of the most complex and charismatic Marvel superheroes.

A tone of his own that has made the character the only member of the “Avengers” who returns to have his own feature film in a stage currently dominated by “Spider-Man”, “Doctor Strange” and experiments such as “Eternals”.

“I don’t know what Disney and Marvel are up to, but if they decide to bring me back, I’ll be happy to come back. It’s been a lot of fun,” says the actor.