Christian Daniel will take advantage of his facet as an actor | shows

Christian Daniel will return to the stage to play other artists, as part of the second season of the Tu Cara Me Suena competition, which premieres this Sunday at 8:00 pm on TeleOnce.

Happy to enter this adventure, the voice of How I do it, expressed emotion of being able to belong to a project that will be seen in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico simultaneously.

“Mexico is my number one market on a digital level and I have not been to Mexico personally and it is the market that consumes my music the most,” said the Puerto Rican, who hopes that the exhibition will help him increase his recognition both in Mexico and among Latinos. in United States.

In the production, eight celebrities will compete to be the best music artist impersonator and will be trained by Mexican actress and comedian Angélica Vale. The challenge at each gala will be to leave behind her own voice, style and characteristics, to credibly represent the artist assigned to her.

“I studied acting for six years. In that aspect it will help me a lot to get into the character of other artists. I’m a little scared vocally, because my voice is very particular and my fear is that it continues to sound like Christian Daniel, “he said.

During the season, Christian would like to play José José, José Feliciano, Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro, among others.

“I come with the expectation of enjoying the program. I come here to try to give my best when interpreting another artist. I’m going to do my best because it’s perfect or almost the same,” said the singer-songwriter.

That was the advice given to him by Melina León, who participated in the first season of the “reality” produced by Univisión.

“I tell them to enjoy it. Let them close their eyes and get into the role of the artist they are going to customize. Do not take it to heart. When one is professional and they give you a criticism that you understand is not, one quickly gets annoyed and questions it. We are talking that this is to enjoy, to have a good time, “León told this newspaper.

For his part, Christian assured that he will not take personal criticism made by the jury, which this year is made up of Víctor Manuelle, Angélica Vale, Charytín Goyco and Edén Muñoz.

Meanwhile, he celebrated the reception of his recent single Si tú te vas, which will be part of his new album Vida, which he hopes to release in November.

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