Christian Eriksen scores after two minutes in his first game for Denmark since his cardiac arrest

Christian Eriksen is far from having given up on football. The Danish midfielder was back in selection this Saturday March 26, 2022. The 30-year-old man who had suffered a heart attack in June 2021 during a Euro match, scored a goal on his first ball.

This is the story that could have gone very wrong. In June 2021, while the Danish football selection faced Finland as part of Euro 2020, Christian Eriksen collapsed. The then 29-year-old attacking midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest and scared millions of fans around the world. For long minutes, the athlete gave no sign of life, suggesting the worst. Fortunately, the young man who plays at Brentford FC is breathing again. The fans too. More than nine months after the terrible event, Christian Eriksen has returned to the national team. The footballer put on his white and red jersey this Saturday, March 26, 2022 against the Netherlands, in a friendly match. And the player has not been idle since after entering the second half, he scores a goal on his first ball – reducing the gap from 3 goals to 2.

After the goal of Christian Eriksen, Internet users are jubilant

The companion of Sabrina Kvist Jensen – who had lived through the worst, did not want to draw a line under his career. The strength and self-sacrifice of the latter seduced on social networks. This Saturday, many of them had their eyes glued to their screens, to follow the return of the prodigal footballer. Christian Eriksen’s goal has, in this sense, caused a lot of talk on Twitter. “Eriksen who finds the jersey of his country and who marks entry a banger, football is so beautiful”, “You must never lose hope”, “The beauty of the game“, “A historic goal”, “What a story“, “In his wildest dreams, Christian Eriksen dared not imagine such a comeback”, “What a pleasure to see you again… 2 minutes and you score a fabulous goal”, “Can you add Eriksen’s name next to the definition of the word hope please?“ can we read among the comments. A beautiful story that ends like in a fairy tale;