Christian interpreter launches new song Hosanna to the King

The singer Raymi Marrero showed the scoop of her most recent song entitled “Hosanna al Rey”, a composition of her own, with arrangements by Adiel Santana (Riff Music) and the general production of Misael Mateo (Juancho).

Hosanna to the King is a song of exaltation to Almighty God, with which Raymi wants to touch hearts regardless of whether they profess the Christian faith or not.

“I am sure and I firmly believe that the love of God is for everyone, and that is why, with my music, I want to cross barriers regardless of the denomination of the listeners, in that sense I also want to reach all possible places, because where wherever a heart beats, there is a purpose of God” pointed out the singer.

The interpreter narrated that the song Hosanna al Rey is accompanied by a video clip, directed by Yordani Mejía, while the photography was directed by Oliver Mota (Bejike).

“For the production of this new audiovisual cut we were accompanied by a great technical and professional team with the intention that with the work carried out we can give excellence to God and expose the quality with which it is possible to work in the Christian projects of my country, Dominican Republic.

In a meeting with the media, Raymi explained that “after the time of difficulty and uncertainty that we live with the Covid 19 pandemic, Hosanna to the King becomes an escape of hope that reminds us that the only thing that fills us and that remains forever is the presence of God.”

Raymi Marrero already has more than a dozen songs on the main digital platforms, with more than 4 years of experience performing songs like Yeshúa, Quiero Tu Presencia and Quien Contra Mí, with nominations and recognitions in local activities.