Christian Nodal and Belinda: the singer reacts when asked if there could be a second part with her | Famous

Christian Nodal first addressed the issue of breakup with Belinda after making public the end of their engagement last February.

The singer gave exclusive interviews this Tuesday, April 26, to the morning shows ‘Venga la alegría’ and Today from Aguascalientes, where he was appearing in the palenque of that city.

They question Nodal about Belinda and the end of their courtship

“Do you want to share with us what happened, are you okay?” Laura G asked him in the talk he had with “Venga la alegría”.

“I’m fine, yes,” he replied calmly, “But I don’t want to share what happened.”

His reaction was similar when Tania Rincón raised him in Today if there could be the possibility of having “a second part” of the story he had with Belinda.

“Hmm, those things are private“, he said quietly and with nervous laughter.

Christian Nodal clarifies what happened to Belinda’s eye tattoo

In the interview with ‘Venga la alegría’, Nodal broke the silence about what happened with him tattoo he got on his chest and that they simulated the eyes of his ex-fiancée.

“I had eyes and I covered them with wings“, confirmed. In the last installment of Lo Nuestro Award At the end of February, he showed for the first time part of the modification that had been made in that part.

“I made a complete chest design, just, I have two poles, I hate it or I love itI don’t have a middle point,” he revealed in the interview.

That was the second tattoo in honor of Belinda that was covered up after the end of their relationship and engagement.

The first was the word ‘Beli’ that he had next to his right ear. There placed the four suits of poker on the letters: spade, heart, rhombus and club.

He still has the one on his forehead with the word ‘utopia’ that was tattooed in November 2021 and that alludes to Belinda’s album. A cupid’s bow and a number 4 was also made next to it on one of her hands.

Nodal wants to open a tattoo studio

The singer reiterated his passion for tattoos and announced that he will open a studio to the public.

“I’d love to give them excellent treatment at my tattoo parlor“He advanced. For now, the interpreter is focused on his concert tour.