Christian Nodal attacks the businessman who sued him

Christian Nodal is one of the most important Mexican regional music performers today, but with popularity also comes controversy and this time it was the mariacheño who did not leave the businessman who he sued him in Chihuahua.

And it is that the famous A singer from Caborca, Sonora, was sued by a businessman for not appearing on two dates in 2018, this lawsuit took place in Chihuahua and he is accused of breach of contract.

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Due to the accusations against him, the office of Christian Nodal issued a statement in which they assure that this lawsuit has no place against the singer, since the agreed dates of his concerts are not arranged by him.

It is not left! Christian Nodal attacks the businessman who sued him. Photo: Instagram

However, the plaintiff’s lawyer said that the lawsuit had not been directly against Nodal, but rather for those who are responsible.

The person who made the claim is the employer Joel Aragon Garciawho pointed to Nodal for breach of contract, but Belinda’s ex’s office assures that these concerts were not held because they did not receive the payment that should be made in advance.

Nodal’s statement indicates that Aragón García was aware that the concerts were not going to take place if the agreed agreements were not complied with, for which they assure that the businessman is only taking advantage to see what he gets economically, in addition to leaving the singer.

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The lawsuit states that he was given 650 thousand pesos Christian Nodal’s team, which contradicts the statement from the interpreter’s office ‘Bottle after Bottle’, where they deny having received money and that it was directly the employer’s fault.

On the other hand, JG Music ensures that they have proof that they never received that payment, so they have a way to prove that they did not meet the agreed dates because the other party did not comply with the payment. Meanwhile, the lawyer points out that Aragón will seek to reach an agreement with Nodal outside the courts.

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