Christian Nodal clarified what he did with tattoos in honor of Belinda

Several months have passed since Christian Nodal confirmed the breakup with his ex-partner Belinda, a relationship that even reached a marriage commitment. After they finished, many followers joked about the situation for the Mexican singer, who During the relationship, she got several tattoos in honor of her then partner.

After the end of the affair, the unknown that remained among Nodal’s followers was about what was going to happen with the respective tattoos. The Mexican had two symbols on his body in honor of Belinda: one with the name of the actress next to her ear and the other with the eyes of the interpreter of ‘Luz sin Gravity’ encompassing a good expanse of your skin in the center of your chest.

In this regard, it was initially known that Nodal had covered the ear, but the big doubt was with the largest one on his torso. In dialogue with the morning show ‘Venga la Alegría’, the Mexican singer confirmed that he took it off: “I had some eyes here and I covered them with wings and did a full design on the chest”.

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Later, the artist referred to the reasons for the breakup and made his intention clear with the end of the relationship: “I never wanted someone to be the culprit. I wanted to leave things like that, because sometimes people always try to misunderstand things,” he told Televisa in another interview.

Finally, Nodal ruled out that the relationship ended due to money or infidelity: “Neither things of money, nor things of everything that was said. Many things and stories were discussed. What we exposed to the world of much love and many beautiful moments, that is what has to stay, beyond that I’m fine and I hope she is too and may he always be doing amazing.”