Christian Nodal clarifies why he no longer wants to live in Mexico

Christian Nodal is still in the eye of the hurricane, this time not because of his breakup with Belinda and the controversy that was generated by the return of the expensive engagement ring, but because the singer no longer wants to live in his country.

Nodal himself confessed it in a live broadcast he made for his followers on social networks. There he answered questions and clarified why he plans to move to the United States and leave his native Mexico.

“It’s just that it’s very complicated to live in Mexico. It’s like, you can’t have anything comfortable, you know? You can’t have your nice car, your nice house, because everyone is going to know where you live,” he said. And then he continued: “Everyone is going to know what car you’re in… I had a Ferrari that there was only one in all of Mexico and it was obvious that people knew where it was and when it happened and all that.”

Broadcasting from the United States, the interpreter of “Los Besos Que Te Di” indicated: “I didn’t like that there was no privacy and here (in the US) it’s like ‘it doesn’t matter’, here there are a lot of people who have their cars , its luxuries, its houses and everything. That’s why I like it better here.”

Nodal’s comments generated all kinds of comments and many criticized him for “disparaging Mexico” and for feeling that “fame went to his head.”