Christian Nodal confessed that he maintains contact with Belinda

The singer has mentioned the details of his love life after the breakup with the Spanish, and under the rumors of seeing him with several influencers

Christian Nodal has spoken again about his breakup with Belinda, this time to reveal that he still has conversations with her, so there is still an opportunity for him to reconcile.

Almost three months have passed since Nodal and Belinda’s breakup, when they announced that their engagement had been called off. After this secrecy arose on both sides and little was said about it.

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Now, Nodal finally mentions on what terms he meets his ex-partner. In an interview with Despierta América, he declared that all is not yet lost between him and Belinda.

“Well, talks, we’ve had, but, I don’t know… these are things that go with life” Nodal said.

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Francisca Lachapel asked the singer if these talks have a loving tone.

“No, we have had talks, but, as I say, I do not know in what position life puts us”replied the singer. “It’s not a definite ‘no,’ and it’s not a definite ‘yes,'” Christian added.

With these statements you can see the hope that Nodal still has in resuming the relationship with the Spanish, although he has also mentioned that he could forgive a woman everything “Continuing with that woman is different.”

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Nodal has said that he will be in “a break in love” to cure his sorrows, but he has friends “with right and without right”.

Belinda, for her part, has confessed that she took a break from social networks, due to the attacks she received when she broke up with her ex-boyfriend.

“I am a woman with a heart, I have feelings, I am not made of stone, I have a heart on the surface and I am just as human as anyone”said the singer