Christian Nodal confesses that he fights addiction “withdrawal is hell”

Mexico.- The singer Christian Nodal made a confession to his more than 500 thousand followers in Twitter, Well, he revealed that he swore to get rid of a strong vice that he described as a ‘necessary evil’.

ex fiancé of Belinda He has already recognized that there were times when fame and money made him fall into excesses, but this time it seems he is determined to leave one of them: The cigarette.

Christian Nodal invited his followers to leave everything that does not do well. Photo: Instagram

Through his official Twitter account, Nodal confessed that he is not having a good time, since he decided to quit smoking.

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“I want to share something with you… Without making a long story short, cigarettes have been in my life in the worst and best moments, but I’m tired of the necessary evils. I swore never to smoke a cigarette in my life. I’ve been 3 days and abstinence is a hell. BUT IF I CAN YOU CAN!”, wrote the singer-songwriter.

After this message, many of his followers “threw cheers” for him to achieve his goal.

“Keep going day by day you will feel less the need to smoke, you can do that and more, I wish you all the best in the world, there is nothing that cannot be achieved and you are the living example that everything one sets out to do achieves,” was a response to his tweet.

“You can… And if not, what???? You keep trying until now! You’ll get to the point where you won’t need it anymore. IT’S NOT EASY. But it’s not impossible either,” was another message.

Nodal has accepted that he did not know how to handle fame and fell into excesses. Photo: Instagram

Later, Nodal wanted to make sure that his message was understood, as he explained that his intention is for people to see that everything that harms them can be left behind.

I know that many of my public do not smoke but the message is not the cigarette. It’s that we can fuck everything that destroys us and at the same time makes us feel good. Sending you lots of love and peace,” he wrote.

He then revealed what he does in those moments when he is about to fall into temptation again.

“The good thing is that there are vapes, I hate them but they work when I can’t take it anymore,” explained the “Bottle after bottle” singer.

Nodal’s fans did not hesitate to fill him with positive messages, and he had no choice but to thank all the love he receives.

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