Christian Nodal confesses that in almost all his love relationships he has been wrong

The singer Christian Nodal spoke about his love relationships, and it is that he assured that it is difficult for him to maintain stability while he is sharing his life with another person. In fact, the Mexican has had almost the same behavior not only with Belinda, but also with other women with whom he has had an affair.

“With my girlfriends I have been wrong many times“, declared the interpreter of ‘Botella after bottle’ in an interview granted to El Diario, from New York.

In addition, the 23-year-old singer said that he reached a point in his life that considers it absolutely necessary to be more careful with all the content that he shares on social networks, because he believes that it has not been in the best way, but, he has learned that when he has an affair it is better to keep a low profile because there he can be without the need for his behavior to cover the headlines of the press, not only national, but also international.

“I have always made the same mistake in my relationships and it is very big because I have not known how to take care of that part of privacy and I have learned it the hard way. Now I know that I should take care of it more and not post anything because it is the only time where you can be yourself,” he added.

The also composer said that the person who is going to be with him must be contemporary. Apparently the experiences with the couples that he has had have not been pleasant. In addition, the woman who accompanies him must understand the promotion process in which his career is.

Let’s remember that A few days ago Nodal was seen in Antigua Guatemala holding hands with CazzuThis happened while they were eating ice cream. However, so far neither of them have confirmed anything about it. The statements of the Mexican must also be taken into consideration, the rapper is 28 years old.

Last week the Argentine had a presentation at the Primavera Sound festival that was held in Spain, where she had the company of the interpreter of ‘Ya no somos, ni seremos’.