Christian Nodal, cover of the magazine ‘Rolling Stones’: spoke of Belinda

The Mexican is still in the news, but this time it is no longer due to his past relationship with the singer Belinda, on the contrary, his name has been in the headlines and on social networks after knowing his new love relationship with the Argentine rapper, Cazzu, who has accompanied him to his last presentations and with whom, even, he has been recorded and photographed giving one another passionate kiss before going up on stage.

The singer He was recently in Colombia, where he was honest with the public and talked about his fight with Colombian J Balvin and, in addition, about the problems he had in his previous show where he could not appear, unleashing disorder and criticism in the attendees.

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So much was his sentimentality that he ended up crying in front of his fans: “The media don’t love me, but the reality is different. It has cost me a lot to reach this beautiful audience that I have today and it is not fair that they talk shit about me to get money, I am not a shitty human being. I only interpret my music”, commented the artist with a broken voice.

“I am not a good example of a human being, I am 23 years old. The difference is that everyone takes a video, takes a photo, and you don’t take a photo when you’re acting like a human being. There is a lack of empathy in this world and excuse me, I needed to use this moment to vent.” He recounted through tears.

Now the Mexican has starred on the cover of the magazine ‘Rolling Stone’where one of the topics covered was about the heartbreak he experienced when separating from Belinda and feeling strong criticism for it.

Also, has become the first regional Mexican artist to appear on the cover of this renowned magazine. Among the topics he commented on were also the hard times he experienced in his childhood, his mother’s health problems and his father’s responsibility: “There was no dad, there was no mom. My parents were my grandparents. Once I wanted to throw myself from a second floor, Believing that it would hurt me, but my grandmother saved me: Christian, asshole boy! ”Commented the musician.

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From one moment to the next, the Mexican decided to talk about his heartbreak after ending his most public and controversial relationship with Belinda: “There are so many ways to be failed, there are so many ways to failthere are so many ways to love, there are so many ways to love, that millions and millions of romantic and heartbreak songs can be written”, he commented and, during their romancethey had ensured they reached the altar, so their breakup caused broken hearts.

Finally, he wanted to talk about love in general, which can happen not only as a couple but also in friendships, in movies or on the street. On the other hand, the Mexican confessed that he is a person in love with life and the good deeds that one person has for another in the course of life.

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“I am hurt by the ugly actions that exist, that they have done or I have done. But there is the inspiration for me, and that will never end. Love is part of us, and even if we suddenly forget it, it will always be there”, he commented.