Christian Nodal covers Belinda’s tattoo; What did she wear? – The Sun of Mexico

After a week of the breakup of the love relationship and commitment that Christian Nodal and Belinda had been made known, this weekend the Mexican regional singer surprised the audience by covering one of the tattoos he had on his body with Belinda’s name.

And it is that during their relationship, there were several signs of expressive love through the skin that the couple made, with Nodal being the one who had the most tattoos on his body when the name of BELI was placed near the ear, his eyes in the chest and an arrow in the wrist.

For her part, the pop singer tattooed Christian Nodal’s initials on her wrist, along with a heart.

Although it has been speculated that the couple had already finished for a long time, the news of their breakup was official when Nodal issued a statement through his social networks.

Christian’s tattoos, being in greater quantity and larger, have been one of the details in which the followers have paid the most attention today, since continuing to maintain them could be a sign of a future reconciliation, however, these possible versions seemed to vanish, since the singer decided to start covering the memories that he brought in his Belinda skin.

The above was captured by photographer David Chacón, during the concert held in Costa Rica this weekend.

In the images, you can see where BELI was tattooed, covered with the 4 card symbols.

After making himself known, the expectation now arises among the followers of the future that he will have the largest tattoo that Nodal made in the name of Belinda, in which he captured his eyes on his chest.

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It should be noted that before these images were revealed, on social networks the tattoo artist who years ago covered the tattoos that Lupillo Rivera had done in honor of Belinda, had sent a message to Christian Nodal offering his services, to help him erase the memories of his love.

Originally published in The Herald of Tabasco