Christian Nodal cries in full concert when remembering the criticism against him

June 28, 2022, 12:06 PM

June 28, 2022, 12:06 PM

Christian Nodal once again gave something to talk about during his time in Colombia as part of his Outlaw Tour, after he in full stage burst into tears.

The 23-year-old singer on a very emotional night approached his audience, with whom he had an outstanding debt, since a few months ago he canceled a concert at the last minute, generating discontent among his followers.

In that sense, Christian Nodal apologized to the public and stated that not everything that is said about him is truebecause he believes that the press does not want it.

The media don’t like meBut the reality is different. It has taken me a lot to reach this beautiful public that I have today and it is not fair that for money they talk shit about me, I am not a fucking human being. I just play my music,” she said, her voice cracking.

And he continued with the speech saying that he regrets his mistakes, that he is not a good example to follow, since he is an ordinary human being with the difference that his life is exposed all the time, even off stage.

I am not a good example of a human being, I am 23 years old. The difference is that mine, everyone takes video, takes photos and you don’t take photos when you’re acting like a human being. There is a lack of empathy in this world and excuse me, I needed to use this moment to vent”, he said through tears, causing the ovation of his followers, according to the Tiempo X portal.

The Mexican singer’s interaction with the public this weekend was completely different from the one he experienced a few days ago during his concert in Bolivia, where he forced his security team to remove the subjects who threw ice at him from the public. stage as a sign of protest for having started the show late.

Despite the controversies of the last months of Christian Nodal related not only to the end of his relationship with Belinda, but to his makeover, his multiple tattoos and the new lifestyle he adopted, his career continues to rise, so much so that Rolling Stone magazine chose him as the cover of the month of July and he opened his heart telling the saddest episodes of his childhood.