Christian Nodal faces a millionaire lawsuit for breach of contract

Christian Nodal is going through a new problem in Mexican justice after a businessman denounced him for breaching the contract they had agreed to.

According to the Ventaneando program, Joel Aragón is the name of the person who is suing Belinda’s ex for not showing up at a concert he was going to give in Chihuahua in 2018. He would also have paid him 600,000 pesos (almost 30,000 dollars today ) that were never returned.

Carlos Morales, Joel’s lawyer, spoke with the morning newspaper of TV Azteca and explained: “There was no pandemic and that was not the cause of the cancellation” thus denying some versions that became public in recent days.

On the other hand, the professional assured that the resolution of this case “It’s not what my client wants” otherwise “what the authority determines”. However, he said that what they are looking for is that Aragón receive compensation of two million pesos (almost 100 thousand dollars) for the losses he suffered.

Christian does not seem to have a very good present, since in addition to his recent separation and this complaint, he is also at odds with Universal Music (his former label) which also sued the Mexican’s parents for illegal appropriation of content.