Christian Nodal forgives Capi Pérez for Belinda’s joke and they make peace at the San Marcos Fair

Aguascalientes.- The Cap Perez You can now breathe easy because you obtained the ‘forgiveness’ of Christian Nodalwho a few months ago was outraged by the driver of “Come Joy” for joke what did you do about Belindahis ex-fiancée.

It was in the San Marcos Fairwhich takes place in Aguascalienteswhere Nodal and El Capi smoothed things over and even took a souvenir photo, the one that the presenter of “The Solana” boasted on his account Instagram.

Embraced and very smiling is how the singer and the driver appear in an image that El Capi Pérez accompanied with a message as a joke: “Here closing cycles hahaha.”

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Christian Nodal and El Capi Pérez at the San Marcos Fair./ Photo: Instagram

El Capi Pérez’s wife, Sandra Itzel, also appears with Christian Nodal in another image./ Photo: Instagram

Even the Instagram account of “Venga la Alegría” commented on the publication with this message: “Friendship is a friend.”

Nodal’s visit to Aguascalientes was due to the fact that his tour “Outlaw” arrived at the San Marcos Fair with two dates: April 24 and 25, with special guests such as Mark Anthony and his girlfriend Nadia Ferreraas well as the driver John Joseph Originwho shared videos of Nodal’s show on his Instagram.

Christian Nodal published his trip to Aguascalientes in his Instagram stories./ Photo: Capture

Christian Nodal showed off his meeting with Marc Anthony and his girlfriend Nadia Ferreira./ Photo: Instagram

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What did El Capi Pérez do to Christian Nodal?

When Christian Nodal revealed that he was Belinda’s boyfriend, the news surprised both the singer’s followers and colleagues from the artistic world, who congratulated them on their romance.

But El Capi Pérez made a joke about Nodal and Belinda’s relationship that the interpreter of “Goodbye Love” and even blocked him from his Instagram, in addition to ensuring that he had no idea who the driver of Aztec TV.

True to his style, El Capi Pérez asked Nodal not to change Belinda for Daniela Lujanas it happened in the soap opera “Sidekicks to the rescue” which was produced by Rosy Ocampo for Televisa in 2002.

Daniela Luján replaced Belinda in Televisa’s “Accomplices to the Rescue”./ Photo: Special

At that time, El Capi Pérez clarified that his comment was a joke, but it was too late because he was already “canceled” from the networks and from Nodal’s life.

However, Nodal has already forgotten that joke that he considered in bad taste, after his relationship with Belinda ended last February, although they were already engaged in marriage and even talked about their wedding with the press.

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