Christian Nodal goes through hell leaving all his vices

After breaking up with Belinda a couple of months ago, Christian Nodal returned to star in the headlines after announcing that he would get away from his vices once and for all, however, he explained that it was not an easy task and he was finding it more complicated than he thought.

As everyone knows, the popular singer from Sonora has been involved in all kinds of scandals since he put an end to his relationship with the Spanish actress, and once again he caught everyone’s attention on social networks by revealing that is willing to let go of his addictionseven though it was very difficult for him.

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Through his Twitter profile, the interpreter of ‘Bottle after bottle’ decided to share a personal topic for him, since he announced that he was in the process of stop smoking cigaretteespecially since it was already beginning to affect him, although he revealed that being detoxified seemed like hell to him.

“I want to share something with you… without making a long story short, the cigarette has been in my life in the worst and best moments, but I am fed up with the necessary evils. I swore never in my life to smoke a cigarette. I’ve been 3 days and withdrawal is hell BUT IF I CAN YOU CAN!”, explained the exponent of Mexican regional music.

And despite the fact that it has only been a couple of days without trying a little tobacco, he explained that if he could put aside what was destroying him, so could each of his admirers and encouraged them to follow his example.

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“I know that many of my public do not smoke but the message is not the cigarette. It’s that we can fuck everything that destroys us and at the same time makes us feel good. I send you a lot of love and peace, ”wrote the ex-fiancée of Belinda in the post.

However, it should be noted that Christian Nodal pointed out that there are times when he can no longer bear to be without smoking and commented that use e-cigarettes when you can’t take it anymore abstinence: “The good thing is that there are vapes, I hate them but they work when I can’t stand it anymore.”

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