Christian Nodal introduced his younger brother, Gohn, on social networks: he will launch his career as a singer | Famous

Christian Nodal is not the only talented member of his family and the most recent proof of this is that his younger brother, unknown to many, is about to make his debut in the music industry.

The relatives of Belinda’s ex-fiancé are no strangers to the entertainment industry, since her father, Jaime González, is a producer for the JG Music label, while her mother, Cristy Nodal, served as her manager in the early years of her career. race.

In addition, her mother has become the center of attention in recent weeks, after announcing that they detected a malignant tumor in her colon, which disappeared by “miracle”.

Once the family has overcome this difficult episode, they are more than ready to open a new chapter: the beginning of the career of the youngest of the family.

The brothers of Christian Nodal

Although the singer of ‘La sinvergüenza’ is the one who has monopolized the spotlight, he is not the only fruit of Cristy and Jaime’s relationship. The Nodal family is completed with two more siblings, Amely and Jaime Alonso.

Amely Nodal has captivated social networks for her beauty and style when it comes to dressing. Only on Instagram she accumulates more than 300 thousand followers, attentive to each of her publications.

For his part, the minor had stayed away from the public eye until a few days ago, when Christian Nodal asked through an Instagram story: “Follow my carnal @Gohn_Nodal_Oficial (…) To cheer him on.”

Because Jaime Alonso barely appeared publicly, there are not many details of his personal life, beyond the fact that they have a great physical resemblance to the already established singer.

Gohn, the younger brother of Christian Nodal, will make his debut

The reason why Christian Nodal asked his fans to support his younger brother is because he is about to launch his music career.

So far, the only thing that is known about his project is that his first single will be called ‘Himno de dolidos’. One of the verses of this song is:

“Although my heart aches, I bring a smile on my face”.

Behind Gohn’s debut is the label Ladon Records, founded by the voice of ‘Adiós amor’, with which it is clear that the youngest of the Nodal family will have the same support as his already established brother.

It is also presumed that Christian Nodal and his younger brother made a song together, because in a series of photos published on Instagram the two are seen in a recording studio. However, they have avoided giving more details about it.