Christian Nodal is called ‘naco’ and Belinda’s mother applauds, what does her daughter think?

Mexico.- the mother of Belinda caused controversy when a fan of his daughter left him a message wishing he did not return with Christian Nodalwhom he incidentally called naco, and Belinda Schull He reacted with applause emojis, which “aroused” social networks.

Beli is the best, please don’t come back with Nodal’s naco, “Zara Gabriela Guzik wrote.

And the mother of the actress also reacted to the controversial message in which Nodal is offended.

It seems that not even the singer’s mother, Christy Nodalnor Belinda’s, Belinda Schüll, were satisfied with the breakup, because until the new year they were seen to live together as if they were already a family.

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Due to her mother’s reaction, Belinda was told that she focuses on her partner’s handbags and not on her physique. Photo: Special.

Even in October 2021, on the occasion of his birthday, Christian Nodal serenaded his fiancée’s mother, accompanied by a mariachi.

The reaction of the mother of the interpreter of “Utopia” caused division in social networks, where some continue to believe that the lady is an opportunist who seeks to live off her daughter, and others remind her that she did live on Nodal while he was with her daughter.

Since his breakup with Belinda, Christian Nodal has been seen with several women, he has even traveled with them. Photo: Special.

They didn’t care about the naco, they treated him well for the money, there Nodal who believed it “, “Naco, but he got off with the bills”, “She already wanted that naco to keep her”, “Not even He doesn’t even know the meaning of naco, and he’s not naco, he’s a successful, simple person, and I prefer a simple person who earns his money honestly than being an opportunist,” they wrote.

Others ask you to focus on your daughter’s achievements, for example, the series “Welcome to Eden”which premiered with Netflix and that is worldwide success.

Belinda’s mother caused controversy for the hint to Christian Nodal. Photo: Special.

Talk about Belinda’s achievements, her series is number 1 globally and her presentation in Barcelona was a success. Talk about achievements and don’t gossip. Stop selling yourself to favor some and to harm others”, said the user rociormzr, on Instagram.

From day one, Belinda has always been sheltered and advised by her mother, Belinda Schüll. Photo: Special.

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