Christian Nodal is desperate! Search for a hacker in millionaire war with ex-record company

Christian Nodal he is rebuilding his life from within; After breaking up with the interpreter of ‘Sapito’, the singer has blurred his tattoos and transformed his promises into art. He is now concerned about his health, he has begun to take care of his diet, and takes vitamins to compensate for the hours of sleep that he does not take advantage of because he is focused on new compositions, which keep all the fans waiting. of the.

For the first time Nodal thinks of him and takes time to enjoy his good friends; in music he has also forgotten Belinda, and the song that would be his love anthem is now sung as a duet with Tini Stoessel. He walks with his friends and enjoys long meals, but according to what they tell us, they stopped the details and gifts, now the singer only pays for the meals, as if he had been resentful for being splendid and generous. Despite being only 23 years old, Nodal totally changed his way of thinking, and what used to be fun, now –according to what they tell us– will be the foundation for a comfortable stability.


Nodal’s parents remain accused by Universal Music, which could lead to them spending up to 12 years in prison. In October Christian sued Universal for breach of contract with respect to the 2017 contract. In response, the record company turned to the Mexican Association of Phonograms and Videograms Producers (AMPROFON) to release a statement announcing that it would fine up to three million pesos. to anyone who produced and disseminated the singer’s material. Nor has Nodal’s TikTok account been defined; He has tried to get his two million followers back, but Universal doesn’t want to give it back, and the new one “looks fake” to the fans, so he’s already looking for a hacker or someone to give him the tools to get it back.


For now, the singer charges around two and a half million pesos per presentation, and Spotify reports one hundred thousand reproductions of his songs per month worldwide, which gives him just over three thousand dollars a month (60 thousand pesos). According to the Fame Ranker site, Nodal is worth 60 million pesos, and due to his age, he could only be at the start of a profitable career.

With only 23 years, specialized sites detail that Nodal has a fixed assets of 2.7 million dollars, almost 60 million pesos, in addition to various properties, luxury cars and jewelry. Christian generated 400 thousand dollars (eight million pesos) in 2019, and by 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, he added the amount of one million 700 thousand dollars (more than 34 million pesos) to his bank account, and during 2021 he added almost two million dollars (40 million pesos).