Christian Nodal is on a diet and trying to get rid of alcohol | Famous

Amid speculation about whether Mariana García is his new girlfriend, Christian Nodal revealed that he is dieting and has repeatedly stopped drinking alcohol to take care of himself.

During the press conference he offered in Guatemala, where he gave a concert, the interpreter of ‘Botella after bottle’ indicated that it was insomnia that led him to make a change.

“The truth is I’m taking care of myself, I’m treating myself well, because just as I had told you, I had gone several days without sleeping, I don’t like that,” the singer said, according to ‘Ventaneando’.

Nodal announced that currently, for his well-being, he is consuming healthy foods and that he only drinks alcoholic beverages on special occasions.

“I am on a diet, I am eating well. I got away from alcohol, a little bit, so when I really do it, it’s to enjoy the moment with people, but not anymore. Partying? No, not so much partying because I’m going to finish it, “she indicated.

It was precisely during the concert he offered at the Esplanada de Cardales, in Ciudad Cayalá, Guatemala, where the 23-year-old singer-songwriter suffered the accident that injured his left ankle.

How is Christian Nodal after his accident?

After his fall became viral on social networks, Christian Nodal shared a video on his Instagram account in which he revealed how he was.

“My people from Guatemala thank you very much for this incredible night, so special. I’m fine, thanks for this full house today, for singing each song, for that energy, for the vibe, for everything. Thank you for so much, ”she indicated.

Previously, the singer published a photograph showing that his left foot was bandaged after the fall he suffered, which worried his fans.

“Today I kissed the stage,” wrote Christian to accompany the image, which made it clear that at no time did he lose his sense of humor.

Christian Nodal denies that his new song is related to Belinda

And it is that the lyrics of said song, whose name has not been officially revealed, contains phrases such as: “The past stepped on” and “You left a good mark”, for which it has been rumored that it is dedicated to the singer.

“Songs are just songs, they don’t necessarily have to (say) what’s going on in life, the truth is I’m very happy,” said the interpreter.

Currently, Nodal is being related to Mariana García, a 22-year-old girl from Culiacan with whom he was seen holding hands during his arrival at the Honduran airport a few days ago.

So far, the interpreter of ‘We are not and will not be’ has not commented on whether García is officially his new sentimental partner.