Christian Nodal no longer wants to live in Mexico

The Mexican regional singer-songwriter gave the unfortunate statements in a live that has been taken up by the international pink press.

It seems that Christian Nodal is raining “bottles after bottles”. Everything, after offering a live in which he gave answers to certain doubts of some of his admirers.

Precisely to his fans in Mexico, the Sonoran singer-songwriter’s statement about what he dislikes about living in his homeland fell like a bucket of ice water.

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“Well, it’s very complicated to live in Mexico, it’s like, you can’t have anything to taste, you know? You can’t have your nice car, your nice house, because everyone is going to know where you live, everyone is going to know what car you drive… It happened to me, for example, I had a Ferrari that there was only one in all of Mexico, and well it was obvious that people knew where I was and when I was going and all that, and I didn’t like that there was no privacy and here it’s like “never mind!” here there are a lot of people who have those cars, their luxuries, their houses and everything and it’s not like people are surprised and in Mexico, yes, people say «ah, don’t stain». Not here, that’s why I like it here more », she can be heard saying in the clip that was taken up and published by the influencer and communicator Chamonic on her IG account.

The influencer and press communicator Rosa Chamonic shared the singer’s controversial Live on her Instagram profile. VIDEO: illustrative and non-commercial image /

If this is not enough, in the latest stories published by the interpreter of “Goodbye love” he is seen enjoying life in Las Vegas, Nevada, after sharing a publication about the cut of meat bathed in gold that he enjoyed with his friends on weekend in Los Angeles.

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It seems that it is definitive that he will move to the Los Angeles metropolis.

While his words cause different reactions among his followers, Nodal enjoys his time in Las Vegas, United States. VIDEO: illustrative and non-commercial image /,,

But on the live, he also reconfirmed that he is not interested in asking his ex Belinda to return the engagement ring he gave her.

And regarding the illness suffered by his mother, who days ago claimed to have been miraculously cured of colon cancer that was diagnosed, Nodal was clear and emphatic. For him, it was a medical error. “I think it was a thousand percent misdiagnosis…”, he asserted, before sharing that his parent is recovering on the beach.

This is the last post published by Nodal’s mother, on April 3. Illustrative and non-commercial image /