Christian Nodal pauses his musical career, is it because of Cazzu?

A few hours ago, Christian Nodal became a trend on social networks after announcing that he was going to temporarily withdraw from music after his concert tour in Mexico and Latin America came to an end.

As expected, the news caused a stir among users, who pointed out that one of the reasons for the singer from Sonora to pause his musical career They were all the controversies that he has been starring in in recent months after his separation with Belinda, while many others assure that he is doing it to spend more time with who could be his girlfriend, the Argentine rapper Cazzu.

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However, the exponent of music regional mexican He did not remain silent and during a video that he posted in the stories of his Instagram profile, he explained a little of his reasons without going into many details: “My people, the season of the shows is over. I’m going to take two months as a vacation, Within July and August there are very few dates left”, confessed Christian Nodal to his more than 9 million followers.

In addition, Belinda’s ex-fiancé clarified that he not only plans to rest during that time, as he pointed out that will continue to focus on his next record albumand stressed that he will not disappear from the map, since he plans to share all the material he documented during his concert tour.

“I’m also going to be working on the Foraji2 album, so that Expect lots of music and lots of nice things… I’m going to be uploading videos of everything that happened on the tour, because I hadn’t had time to upload them,” he added.

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Before finishing the recording, Christian Nodal did not miss the opportunity to send an emotional message to his followers, since he took the opportunity to thank all the support he was receiving from his fans of Latin America in recent months.

“Thank you to thank all my fans with all my heart for giving themselves with all their soul in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia. Thanks, I carry them on my chest. I love you so much, thank you so much for joining me.”

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