Christian Nodal reappears with Belinda’s tattoos

It’s been a little over a month since Christian Nodal and Belinda ended their relationship and in recent weeks we have been able to see how the regional Mexican interpreter has been removing the numerous tattoos he had of the singer, or at least that’s what we has made believe.

The first design that the singer would have modified was the one he had on one of his sideburns with the word “Beli”, which he changed to the four poker suits (spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs).

On the other hand, Belinda’s look on her chest is presumably erasing it completely, as she revealed during her presentation at the Premios lo Nuestro 2022.

However, the singer caused great controversy yesterday afternoon after he posted a video on his Instagram stories sending an emotional message to his fans, but what really caught his attention was that on several occasions he did a close up of the tattoo that It bears on the forehead with the word “Utopia” and a red heart, which refers to Belinda’s album of the same name.

In addition, his fans were able to notice that the word Beli reappeared on his sideburns, so they assure that the singer would only have made up his tattoos for his presentation at said award ceremony and sparked rumors of a possible reconciliation between the singers.